Dates: 27-29 September 2018
Location: PSU Hat Yai Campus
Local Host: ECTI Association and Faculty of Science/Engineering, PSU, Thailand

International Institute of Applied Informatics (IIAI) is an international academic organization located in Japan since 2011, and IIAI is currently hosting international conferences, issuing international journals, and delivering many lectures and workshops in many Asian countries. Human Resource Development Program for Information and Communication Technologies for ASEAN countries (ICTHRD) is one of the IIAI programs to promote research in ICT to develop indispensable human resources for the changing society where we are living, and IIAI hosted tutorial workshops on research methodology and specifically deep learning research since 2016 in Cambodia (RUPP), Indonesia (BINUS, BIT, etc.), Malaysia (U.Malaya, UTM), Myanmar (UTYCC, UCM), and Thailand (Walailak).

Deep learning, or employment of many-layered artificial neural networks, has been attracting many researchers and practitioners of Big Data, IoT, and many other CS/IT areas, let alone machine learning. Because it has achieved innovative accomplishments in many areas including image and signal processing, machine translation, speech recognition, game learning, etc. In this tutorial workshop on deep learning research, a variety of recent deep learning methods and techniques are introduced with hands-on sessions using Tensorflow on Google Colab. Importantly, IIAI’s perspective is to develop human resources who can proceed research on their own, and thus this workshop intentionally does not take an easy approach just to use proprietary software to show how it should be operated. Instead, this workshop contains introductory overviews of deep learning research, theoretical backgrounds, mentoring sessions, together with practical sessions using Python and Tensorflow.

All the participants who have successfully attended all the sessions will receive a certificate from IIAI.

Prof. Kiyota Hashimoto (PSU Phuket, Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Hidekazu Yanagimoto (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)
Dr. Prachya Boonkwan (NECTEC, Thailand)